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romney just a few days before the next set of primaries. >> but first the controversy continues over pink slime as yet another school system pulls the beef from the lunch line. that story is up next. >>> more fallout over the finely textured beef filler no. as pink slime. prince william county public schools say they'll stop serving the beef next fall and they join fairfax county, montgomery county and d.c. public schools in pulling from the product. the usda said ammonia treated beef is safe to seat eat, but it is allowing -- safe to eat, but it is allowing schools to opt out of using it. >>> tossed out over a tweet? that happened to a student at garrett high school in indiana. austin harold was expelled after tweeting a floor letter expletive. he claims it was sent -- a four letter expletive. he claims it was sent from his own computer on his own time, but it was done while i was on campus. the principal admits all tweets are tracked by a student once they log in. so that means it could have tracked tweets austin did send from home. the senior is headed to an alternative school just so
prize in all this, ohio. polls there show the two front runners mitt romney and rick santorum, are basically in a dead heat. >> if you think this campaign against president obama is going to be about the economy and jobs and government being too big, then i'm the guy you need to nominate. >> i come to the people of ohio as a candidate who shouldn't be here, shouldn't be here if you looked at any political expert and you look at the money that's been spent. >> newt gingrich making his super tuesday push in georgia and tennessee. ron paul campaigned in idaho looking for half of his very first win in the caucuses there. joining me now to talk about more of what might happen tomorrow, democratic strategist dick camber and political newspaper editor john gizzy, 10 states in the mix tomorrow, all eyes on two, tennessee and ohio. there either the wheels come off for rick santorum or he gains super momentum. which is more likely? >> neither. i think that mitt romney will' learn on top in ohio because party -- will emerge on top in ohio because party organization is strong and he's bee
at wusa9.com. >>> a clean sweep for mitt romney last night in the michigan and arizona primaries and now the four republican presidential candidates are gearing up for super tuesday vying for 437 dl gates next week when voters in these 10 states head off to the polls. that's more than 1/3 of what you need to claim the nomination and three of the gop candidates spent today focusing on different states. romney is in ohio trying to build on his recent success. rick santorum is in tennessee counting or courting social conservatives and newt gingrich is in his homestate of georgia where he hopes to get his campaign back on track, but their messages are pretty much the same, vote for us. >> that is the key building block that we have to have to move forward in the presidential campaign. >> we've got work to do. i need your votes. i need you guys to get out. >> i'm running because i want to return the power that's gone to washington back to the american people. >> the one candidate not on the trail today? ron paul, the texas congress member was at work on capitol hill where he was going after t
pennsylvania senator is counting on conservatives from the southern part of the state. >> i hope romney takes illinois, i really do. he is the best qualified. >> i like santorum. he seems like a more traditional and conservative candidate. >> it is going to be a challenge for santorum to win. his campaign did not file the correct paperwork in some districts and that e limb enates eliminates him from winning those districts. >>> the gop front runner is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow afternoon at the american legion post. that's the hometown of the former maryland governor, bob ehrlich. romney is the only republican candidate scheduled to campaign in the free state. romney holds its primary two weeks from today. >> and the voters do not have to wait two weeks to make their choice. early voting for the state's primary begins on saturday and it lasts all the way through next thursday and any registered voter can take part. each county will have one early voting center. they will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. over in virginia, state lawmakers will reconvene tomorrow to begin talks
endorse mitt romney during an event in houston tomorrow. his campaign recruited former first lady barbara to record pro romney robocalls ahead of the ohio primary on super tuesday. former florida governor jeb bush, his son also endorsed romney as well last week. >>> turning now to the protest over the shooting death of trayvon martin, the house of representatives was the latest scene of a tribute to the slain florida teen. illinois congressman bobby rush drew the ire of leadership when he two a hoodie as he spoke out against racial profiling. >> just because -- when he wore a hoodie as he spoke out against racial profiling. >> just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. >> members need to remove their hoods or leave the floor. >> yup, hats are not allowed on the house floor. representative rush was escorted out of the chamber. martin was wearing a hoodie when he was shot dead last month and it's become a symbol. the accused gunman claimed he acted in self-defense. >>> montgomery county police charged an ex-tsa manager with running a prostitution ring. he's identified
. >>> mitt romney's super tuesday showing perhaps not quite so super. the former massachusetts governor did win six of the states up for grabs. even though he was outspent by romney, santorum captured three states and came very close in the critical battleground of ohio. gingrich was back on the campaign trail today after winning his only home state of georgia super tuesday and ron paul says he's not ready to call it quits yet, even though he has not captured a single state during the primary season. >>> topper shutt is here with our first look at the weather. not bad today at all, my friend. >> no, 67 in the bank. we'll start with winds. it is windy to breezy out here. they will be with us for a while, but they are from the south. that's a warmer wind. 18-mile per hour wind gusts in manassas. 20 in leesburg and 22 in frederick. downtown, we've had winds over 30 miles per hour this evening. temperatures still 60 downtown. 61 in gaithersburg. 67 in manassas and put this into perspective. average high is 53. so, for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy and milder. one blanket night barely. lows 45
. >>> rick santorum may have swept the southern primaries, but the big winner remains mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor won the most delegates of any candidate yesterday sweeping the caucuses in hawaii and american so he mow 0 and add that to alabama and -- and samoa and add that to his share from alabama and mississippi and he now has far more delegates than rick santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul combined. that has santorum supporters ramping up their push to get newt gingrich to drop out of the race in hopes of cutting into romney's lead. >> this will become a two- person race and when it does, a conservative will win. >> these are the same people who said last june i was dead. they recycle this every six weeks and the biggest challenge will be raising money because we came in second. >> the candidates are focusing on the next set of contests. up first the missouri caucuses saturday followed by primaries in puerto rico sunday and illinois on tuesday. >> another marvelous day and another new prediction about when the cherry blossoms will bloom on the tidal basin. this morning
primaries tomorrow. rick santorum visiting both states today. mitt romney made a brief appearance before taking the rest of the day off from the campaign trail to celebrate his 65th birthday. a poll out finds 73% of primary voters believe that romney will be the nominee. gingrich and santorum are appearing at a republican candidate's forum. >>> spring doesn't officially start until next week, but topper says it feels like it's here already. >>> then, in search of the perfect bracket. what are the odds for one person to get all 67 games correct? are there that many? wow. >>> shocks, sadness, and call for justice in florida tonight. last week, 17-year-old tray martin was visiting family inside a gated community near orlando when he walked to a nearby convenience store. george zimmerman who was head of the local community watch called the cops to report a suspicious black man in the neighborhood. now the police reportedly told him not to confront the teenager, but he did anyway and he shot trevon in the chest and he died. >> i really believe if that was a white boy, he would still be alive
. mitt romney, newt gingrich, and rick santorum spent time in mississippi where they hold primaries next tuesday. their messages were consistent. the president's plan to fix the economy isn't working. >> we have fewer jobs, we have more debt and we have bigger government. that's what is wrong with this president. that's why we have to get him out of office. >> if every american drives up to a gas station and every american sees the obama price of gas, it's going to erase all of his advertising. >> the fourth republican candidate, ron paul, is focusing his efforts in tomorrow's caucuses. he believes caucus states give him the best chance to pick up more delegates. tomorrow, the virginia general assembly will adjourn without passing a state budget. both the house of delegates and senate voted unanimously to end this year's session and pick up the budget debate in a special session. however, no date was set for lawmakers to come back. the governor says he plans to ask for them to come back immediately. this marks the third time in the last eight years virginia needed a special session to
like a two- man race in the land of lincoln. the latest poll numbers show mitt romney lead being rick santorum by seven points and today the two front runners went head to head on the trail. >> i'm running for president in part because i have the experience and vision to get us out of this mess. >> you hear him talk about oh, i created jobs in the private sector, but he didn't do anything in massachusetts to create an environment for jobs. why? because he exploded the size and scale of government. >> ron paul and newt gingrich essentially skipped illinois. instead they're focusing on contests in the weeks to come. >>> more and more students in maryland and virginia are graduating high school on time, but the number going to dropout factories is also increasing. that's all according to america's promised alliance. the children advocacy group released its annual high school graduation report in d.c. today and it showed the four year graduation rate in virginia is up 1.7% in the past decade to 78.4%. maryland was up as well just under 1/2 a percent 80.1, both under the national average,
is a clear favorite. newt gingrich could benefit the most. he trails mitt romney and rick santorum in the delegate count and a sweep today, certainly narrows things down. >> i think the opportunity is here for us to have the extraordinary breakthrough and ten years from now to look back and think wow, look how much we saw and look how much stronger the country is. >> where does he go from here? i mean, we go next to illinois and he is sitting at 10% in the state of illinois. >> but newt gingrich says he has no plans on dropping out no matter what happens today. we will have the results from alabama, mississippi, and the hawaii primaries tonight on 9news now at 11:00. and hawaii's polls will close too late for us to have the complete results there. >>> you've heard the old phrase, follow the money. that's what the federal investigators are doing as they look into alleged corruption. they are following a money trail today that led straight to d.c. city hall. they are seeking information on all the business dealings in campaign contributions from businessman, jeff thompson, dating
over romney. 16 point advantage over newt gingrich. moving in the right direction, that's what virginia senate majority leader said about the first day of their special session. they need to pass that state budget. 12 negotiators from both the senate and the house of delegates met to discuss preliminary budget requests today. the special session was necessary because the senate couldn't agree on a spending plan during the regular session. and that impasse could hurt lawmakers standings. a new poll shows only 38% of registered virginia voters approve of how the general assembly did its job this year and that is down 9 points. meanwhile, 47% disapprove of the lawmaker's performance. right now, the parents of trayvon martin are joining thousands and thousands of people in a rally in new york city. it is called the million hoody march. it's called that because the 17- year-old was wearing one of those hooded sweatshirts when he was shot and killed in florida last month. martin's father says he appreciates the outpouring of support and he is honored that people are holding this rally. and to
, mitt romney, newt gingrich, and ron paul. rick santorum who is second did not qualify for the ballot in d.c. the voters will not be picking party nominees for president. they'll choose candidates for the u.s. senate, congress, and council seats and one of the most battles. debate each other over the next two nights. the forums will take place at frederick community college. republican candidates hold theirs tomorrow. they are free and open to anybody. voters in maryland and d.c. can go ahead and cast their ballots now. d.c. had eight early voting centers. one in each ward and open tho the 31st of march. marylanders have two fewer days to take advantage of the early voting. the state's 46 early voting centers are only open through this thursday. and we have a full list of the early voting locations, plus sample ballot information. click on campaign 2012. >>> the latest attempt to allow people in holly acres mobile home park to rebuild has been rejected. a prince william county judge denied a request by holly acres attorney for an injunction against the county. dozens of homes in the p
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)